Sports Massage - Lori explains

So I get asked all the time, when is a good time for a sports massage? And of course my answer is ANYTIME is a good time for a sports massage. But more specifically you want to look at your pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage.

Pre-event occurs, for most people, around a week before. Often you can get a message at your event, which should be very light for 15 minutes. But if you're not getting  a massage at your event, probably a week before of light work, probably some stretching out be very beneficial for you, 

For your post-event - 24-48 hours or even up to a week after if you're not receiving regular massage to help realign some of those muscles fibres and get you back to feeling great.

Maintenance massage occurs during your training when you are able to receive deep tissue work and that can help you with areas you might be struggling with, not quite as mobile as you'd like or feeling a bit of discomfort in. My strong recommendation would be that if you're not familiar with massage, you do not get deep tissue work in the week building up to an event.

Any other time, you can always get a spots massage - it's up to your therapist to determine what kind of pressure you should use and what techniques they use to get the best result for you.

Summary: Pre - Up to a week before, Post- up to a week after and anytime it fits in your scheduling but NOT before an event for maintenance.

For those are you who are not training for any particular event, lucky you, you can get your maintenance massage pretty much whenever you feel like it! The only thing to consider would be that if you get deep tissue work, the next time you train you might feel a little bit heavy or lethargic. Other than that, it won't interfere with any results-based situation that you're participating in, maintenance massage is ok at any time!

Lori McDaniel