September Updates


What's happening with the team this month?

John - will be cranking into his big season once the sunshine starts
poking through a little more! Running, cycle and swim fans will
benefit from his huge knowledge as we get ready for the warmer months!

Lynne has been off overseas again, this time to Barcelona and has arrived back and refreshed from her travels!

Stacey is heading to  UC to study psychology in 2019; we're very
excited to see how this might translate into hands on work!
Fascinating.  Panic not, she'll still be around heaps to work with her
clients, both old and new!

Ush has been training in movement studies, with Selective Functional
Movement Assessment training, which complements her stretching work as
well as movement patterns optimisation. 

Lori is, as always, a force to be reckoned with as she's been training
the Canterbury Wildcats and aiding them in their recent competition in
Belarus along with Ush.

Adrienne has recently completed her Statistics paper in her Health
Science degree. It is a marvel she manages to do this by
correspondence in between a busy workplace AND still have passed by an
astounding 90%! She's also been busy massaging the All Blacks during
their recent stay in Chch - those calves take a bit of work!

Dani has recently finished her Bowen Training and is utilising her
newfound skills in clinic with a special offer! She's had to do 60
case studies and 3 4-day courses for this qualification! Phew! She also has a new project in the works so will update you on that when it comes to fruition.

Hannah is continuing to be a great new addition to the team and is
looking at great places to explore in NZ while she's here! All tips on kiwi visit spots welcome!

Tess is training to become a facilitator in Oncology Massage Training
and hoping to increase the amount of therapists qualified in this
massage and has also been to Melbourne to undertake the 2nd Neurokinetic Therapy Course. Along with recent study in SFMA, she's excited to be mixing bodywork with movement assessment and muscle testing!

Bowen Therapy - A fascial reset!

In Massage therapy we address muscles to release tension, give more flexibility, regain movement, and, reduce pain.
In Bowen Therapy we address fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, it is within muscles and is basically the force that connects us together. Fascia is a web like structure connecting organs, bones, muscles, circulatory vessels, and, nerves.  This web gives the body structure and is a medium with which the body repairs itself, fight infections, and, works metabolic chain reactions. 
In Bowen therapy we do gentle movements in specific parts of the body where ligaments are located such as muscle bellies, or, fascia. Between these gentle movements we let the body unwind. This has a restorative and relaxing effect while you are receiving a session. 
So what can be treated with Bowen therapy? Headaches, migraines, neck pain, whiplash injuries, jaw problems, improve alignment, respiratory or digestive conditions, menstrual problems, carpal tunnel or tennis elbow, back pain, chronic or acute pain, and, stress. 
After a Bowen session we ask clients to take a few simple steps to keep their fascia healthy. Drinking water, movement, and, avoiding hot showers.
Drinking water is very important to promote healthy fascia or connective tissue, hydration is also important for our muscles, and, organs. Drinking water is particularly important after a Bowen session as the tissue is ready to be rehydrated again, the connective tissue is loosened after the session and more water is allowed to be absorbed.
Movement is also important, when you have a Bowen session your body is resetting the system ( fascia, nerves, blood vessels, and, meridian channels are all realigning) so movement is a great input to assist in this process. Some easy movements to do everyday could be; walking 20 minutes per day, trying not to be in the same position for long hours, stretching, and, maintaining the body in movement.
Lastly, avoid hot showers, extremely hot showers (pink skin) effect fascia at a molecular level. They can lead fascia to transform into a liquid state, which is essentially tricking the fascia to take on a form which is not healthy for it after a Bowen session, when the system is resetting. So, keep your showers warm as opposed to hot and your body will react to Bowen better.