Pregnancy Massage 


Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, and to prepare your body for a marathon effort ahead! We often hear the same misconceptions about pregnancy massage so below we've cleared those up! You don't have to miss out!
1 - belly massage is not necessarily part of the treatment, but you can request it! Generally we stick to the tired areas that overwork as your belly grows; shoulders, back, hips & calves.
2 - the pressure has to be soft. Massage therapists often won't treat pregnant women before 12 weeks is up, but if everything's flowing smoothly and you're accustomed to massage, there's no problem. Pressure can be whatever you request. Any deep hip flexor work is avoided, however.
3 - sidelying just can't be comfortable. We use pillows to ensure you're as comfortable as possible. Pregnant women can lay on their back for short periods of time, but must have bolstering under one side so your blood supply isn't compromised by the weight of your baby. 
So book in, especially when you begin to ache and your belly starts to slow your activity down. Once baby is born, come to see us to relieve any continuing lower back ache, shoulder ache from breastfeeding or take some time out to relax/sleep!