How does massage help with cancer?

Massage aids in helping symptoms associated with cancer treatment; it can reduce fatigue, nausea, anxiety, depression and pain during the treatment process and afterward. It offers you a safe environment to feel relaxed and have nurturing touch - we can even teach your family members some massage techniques!

Can I have Deep Tissue Massage?

Your body can be recovering from treatments for years afterward so we err on the safe side and keep treatment light until we know how your body will respond, however it will not be safe in an area where you've had lymph nodes removed. Light touch still stimulates fascia (connective tissue), and receptors in your body that elicit a relaxation response, which is very healing for your body. The body has enough to recover from without having to recover from a massage! People who continue to exercise at a high level learn to manage the fatigue and symptoms, so we work with you to find a sensible and reasonable plan to complement your lifestyle.

Why go to Oncology specific massage therapist?

Oncology Massage Training Australia has specific techniques that are internationally practised - you know whenever you meet someone with this qualification you're going to get a consistent treatment. We work with the knowledge of the latest research in touch therapy for cancer, with safety regarding lymph node removal and radiotherapy so you're less at risk of oedema and aim to create an undemanding atmosphere where you can be completely relaxed, warm and safe.

If you go to a therapist and you don't disclose you've had cancer, the potential is that they could overstress your affected lymph nodes and you could develop oedema, an irreversible condition, or you could suffer from soreness or fatigue for days afterward. Oncology Massage 'inches forward' so we don't leave you feeling worse when you get off of the table that when you got on it!

Do I have to remove clothing?

It all depends on how you feel on the day. If you'd prefer to remain clothed, we can do most massage movements, or a sequence of holds over your body or your hands and feet. If you're comfortable lying on the table, we can proceed with a regular massage but can cater it to how you feel - alternatively we can adjust massage to a seated position if necessary.

Is it Lymphatic Drainage?

Oncology Massage isn't Lymphatic drainage, but the pressure is similar and it is lymphatic safe. We always direct massage flow toward viable lymph nodes, especially if you've had any removed. If you have swelling you'd like lymphatic drainage on specifically, we do have a member of staff who can treat oedema - Stacey Harris.

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