Stacey has a broad range of interests in the world of massage and is constantly seeking to learn more!  Rehabilitative work and alleviating chronic pain are particular interest areas, along with more general work in deep tissue, sports massage and pregnancy massage.  She also does a great relaxation session, including spa style indulgences such as hot stones and using gorgeous products such as sugar scrubs, body butters and gorgeous warmed oils.  

Stacey is trained in dry needling and integrates these confidently to help deal with a wide range of symptoms, along with cupping and hot stones.  She also trained and experienced in using Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques, including use of kinesio tape to assist with relieving oedema.  She can advise you on home care to help you move forward confidently managing your condition. 

Each session is designed to meet your individual needs and goals.  Stacey enjoys looking at postural and habitual movement patterns to identify the source of discomfort and can also help you with stretching and strengthening suggestions that you can implement that fit your lifestyle in the most effortless way possible.