I have a holistic approach to see human body therefore our treatment seek to bring harmony to the body, emotions and mind. I am offering Professional Massage to treat tight or tired muscles as well treat stress symptoms and bring the body to balance. A time for you to unwind as well release muscle tension and mind allowing to relax. If you want to have some emotional relieve for stress I offer Bach Flower Essences for you to take home and take care of your emotions. 
I am here to help you to have a relaxing experience, allowing your body to restore and rest from busy life or emotional stress struggles. I have  been studying the human body in different disciplines, such us vibrational Essences, Chinese Massage Tuina, Dance and now finishing my studies therapeutic massage at New Zealand College of Massage. I have been in the wellness industry for 7 years now .My motivation is to bring wellness to the body and emotions so I am here if you need that valuable time for yourself. 

Bach Flower Essences are a form of homeopathy for emotions, is a gentle natural way to approach emotional imbalances when we are struggling specially with physical pain or chronic conditions. Tuina Massage is Chinese Massage has a treatment approach to treat different body imbalances such headaches, insomnia, sciatica pain. Tuina is based on acupuncture principles and use accupresion, moxibustion and cupping to bring Ying Yang balance manipulating Qi in the acupuncture channels.